is one of the things they don't want you to know about.


Makes your trigger finger itch doesn't it?

Zombies are the undead that roam America's Planet.

How Zombies Are MadeEdit

Nazi Zombies02:13

Nazi Zombies

Nazi Zombies
BearShark's Guide to
Godless Killing Machines
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

What did you think happend when an abortionist was a vegetarian? When a vegitarian-abortionist zombie walks into a abortion clinic, someone in China becomes a zombie. Don't worry though, vegitarian-abortionist zombies don't eat meat, so they won't bite you.

How To Spot A ZombieEdit

Stare out your window at the graveyard across the street. Whenever you see something move, just assume it's a zombie. If you know somebody who happens to live across the street from a gravyard, assume they steal corpses and play with them like puppets. In other words avoid them.

How To Kill A ZombieEdit

Throw meat at the zombie, then throw a bible. Baby Jesus can kill zombies through bibles, and whenever a bell rings an angel gets it's wings. This only works because all zombies are liberal Baby Satan lovers. Baby Jesus is a bully, and he beats the crap out of Baby Satan.

Famous ZombiesEdit

Breed Of ZombiesEdit

For just 70 bucks you can have a zombie army Edit

Canada To Recruit Zombies for Their ArmyEdit

External TubesEdit

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