Zod is a general and former Commander of the Armed Forces for the now non-existent Planet of Krypton[1]. He is currently considering running for the position of President/ Total Ruler of the United States of America[2]. Essentially, what Dick Cheney is doing right now, minus the heart attacks.

Your fear and respect for Zod

★ "The Planet Houston is already his." ★

He has a serious problem with Superman. Rumors persist the conflict stems from a disagreement over royalties from the auto-biographical film "Superman II."

The Colbert ReportEdit


Fair enough. You win this round, Colbert!

Zod has been used as a metaphor in a segment of Formidable Opponent on The Colbert Report. In it, we realize the folly of requiring the federal government to gain time-wasting permission for national security activities such as wire-tapping and torture of suspects. We also learn that not only is George W. Bush like Superman, he IS a SUPERMAN. Read your Nietzsche.

Dr. Stephen Colbert, DFA, announced on the June 26, 2007 episode of The Colbert Report that he will not kneel before Zod. If you didn't hear him correctly, he chooses to kneel before "God." If you are deaf you would receive a hearing-aid free of charge, except for your devotion to General Zod as is stated in one of his campaign promises, so that you may be able to hear him barking orders at you. That, or he promises swift death by way of ocular ray disintegration. Either way, he promises deafness will be a thing of the past. This might be seen by some as a personal attack against Stephen Colbert's right ear.

Door to The Phantom ZoneEdit


is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Distorts, You Swallow.

is an important part of FOX's Election 2008 Coverage.

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