The Baby Jesus isn't afraid of
He's just a false god
and The Baby Jesus' Daddy can kick his ass!

Zeus (Full name: Zeus Jupiter Tesla Watt) is the god of thunder, lighting, and CEO of many major Power Plants (including a Nucular Power Plan). For years Zeus would sue anyone who would infringe on his domain. He sued Benjamin Franklin for "discovering" electricity, and Thomas Edison for stealing his idea for the light bulb. All of those cases were settled out of court (he tried to sue Saddam Hussein for Stealing his idea for the "Baghdad Battery" but by the time his lawyers were on him he was already hung). Once the patents expired he bought them all and started his career on the Power Industry.

During his youth he was known for being a "playa" and would sleep with many women, but no matter how many women he slept with, Stephen was always ahead of him in the number of sexual partners (it is at this point that STDs appeared for the first time).

He is the estranged brother of Nikola Tesla, he would rather not talk about it.

Zeus Vs Jesus: The Battle for the Soul of Western CivilizationEdit


From king of the gods
to homeless god...

When Jesus arrived in Europe, he found the whole country was filled with pagans. At the time the big boss of the gods and goddesses was Zeus and he was a very jealous and petty greek god, nothing like the Holy Father and Jesus!

At first Zeus thought of Jesus as a scrawny hippie so he just ignored him, but when Jesus started to amass large converts Zeus decided that he couldnt let this jowish middle eastern looking man Messiah get away with it! Jesus was the hawtest thing in town and Zeus was not happy about it!

Zeus and Jesus made a bet: If Zeus won Jesus would leave Europe forever, but if Jesus won Zeus would surrender his title as The King of the Gods and allow all of Europe (including France, unfortunately) to turn Christian!

A Battle of religions ensued and Zeus got his ass served to himself on a plater (which the Greeks then smashed on the floor)! Then Zeus tried to sue Jesus for emotional compensation and psychological damage but the Judge would have none of it (the judge had converted to Christianity the day before, thus ensuring safe passage to Heaven). After his humiliating loss, Zeus wandered the Earth for a couple of centuries, drinking his misery in every sleazy bar and sleeping with any slut he met in the road. (Luckily he was imortal so he survived all of those car crashes)!

Zeus' Sexual HistoryEdit

Zeus as a Male GigoloEdit

Zeus Dabbles as a Male Escort and Man-whoreEdit

Zeus as a FurryEdit

Zeus Admits his Sexual AddictionEdit

Zeus as The CEO of Major American Utilities: Power Plants, Gas Plants, and Water WorksEdit

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