is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.
People Who Are in Cults
Quote open clear3 There is, therefore, there exists, everything is, or, nothing is, nothing is and were dream of something that isn't either. Quote close clear2
~Paul Dinello
Exit 57, Episode 2

Zen is a religion created by hippies after Our Lord Jesus was born.


Its followers believe that by being lazy and doing nothing for one's entire life it may be possible to escape the reincarnation cycle and, thus, the mundane normality of existence on America's Planet. These lucky individuals reach a state of Nirvana, which is like the feeling you get when you're really stoned. Few practitioners of Zen actually reach Nirvana. Instead they are usually reincarnated as more dirty hippies or butterflies. Sometimes bears.

Many evil Communists follow the Zen religion.

Creation StoryEdit

A prince left his wife and walked in the woods, starved, hallucinated, nearly died a few times, bummed off of countless people, and found how to rid man of suffering. Meditate because you don't need shit to do it

Flood StoryEdit

Lol flood

After Life BeliefsEdit

You reach nirvana and shoot up with Bradley Nowell and Jer-bear or are reincarnated into one of 6 life forces based on your actions in life


Mohammed Buddha frasier

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