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Dr. Noelle Bush wrote a prescription for

There's plenty more where that came from...


Huxtable Indicted!
After a 3 year investigation into corruption, the DEA and FDA arrrested Dr. Ciliff Huxtable on charges of: 1st degree Getting High On Your Own Supply. When interviewed by Stephen Colbert, Huxtuble only had, "Zeezumrazzumphlubinblot." to say.

Zeezumrazzumprofen is Dr. Cliff Huxtable's favorite medical potionEpisode #575.

Active IngredientsEdit

Each 500mg tablet of Zeezumrazzumprofen contains 250mg of Zeezumrazzumol HCl, 100mg of Zeezumrazzumate-50, and 150mg of good old fashioned chalk.

Approved UsesEdit

Zeezumrazzumprofen is recommended for children who show low levels of Jellorazzumcaltrate.

Side EffectsEdit

Zeezum insert

Proper Insertion Technique

  • Zeezumrazzumprofen may cause Colourblindness, Hyperactivity, Lethargy, Deactivation of Sweat Glands, Abnormal Heartbeat, a Desire to Tapdance, Deterioration of the Sense of Humour, and Miscarriage of Justice. Serious side-effects include ADHD, Puddin' Pops, Grumpiness, Retirement, Urkel, and Uncontrollable Chuckling and or Giggling.
  • Zeezumrazzumprofen should not be used by anybody over the age of 5, or under the age of 55, as in these age groups it may induce early-onset Old Codger Syndrome and Type II Cootiness.
  • The new Zeezumrazzumprofen suppository has fewer side effects, usually limited to: Rectal bleeding and severe projectile anal leakage ( See: Nozzle Failure ).

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