is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Stastny Yan
is Hockey-related
making it un-American

"The ZedBONI™®© is my greatest accomplishment -- far greater than Official Bilingualism, The Metric System, or Petro-Canada..., eh"
~ Pierre Trudeau's Ghost

The ZedBONI™®© is the most popular form of urban transportation used by Canadians. It can also be used to resurface ice hockey rinks.


In the mid 1970s, Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wanted to expand on his wildly successful culture agenda. Previous "home runs" included forcing the French language and the Metric system on freedom-loving Canadians. He came up with a plan to preserve Canada's pronunciation of the letter "Z" (Zed) by introducing a competitor to Canada's only ice resurfacing company -- Olympia. The ZedBONI™®© would soon become synonymous with short-term commuting and beer garden visits between innings at ice hockey matches.

Protecting the BrandEdit

ZedBONI™®© is protected by a number of copyrighted international and intergalactic trademarks. Click here for instructions on the proper use of the ZedBONI™®© brand.

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