Yukon Territories

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Yukon Territories
is a Canadian Province, eh.
The "Great" Province of Yukon Territories
Capitol: Whitehorse
Official Flower: Nothing grows here!
Official Language: Canadian (language)
Official Animal: Polar Bear
Official Beer: Polar Beer
Motto: Try Russia?
Nickname: The Goldrush Territory
Governor General: The same one as Canada, duh!
Official Anthem: O Canada
Population: 50,000 bears and 10 scared prospectors
Standard MPH: 100 kph on Skidoo
Principal imports: Sweaters
Principal exports: Bears
Principal industries: Bears, Snow
Fun Fact # 1: add stuff here-15
Fun Fact # 2: add stuff here-16

Yukon, icon, we all con a couple of Russians!

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