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What Is Yosemite?Edit

Yosemite is a National Park. It's known for its waterfalls, cliffs, and bears that stalk campsites. Yosemite was recently featured on Bear Hater's Magazine as the evilest place in California. That's saying a lot.

How Was Yosemite Created?Edit

Yosemite was created by a bunch of bear loving hippies from California.

Where Is Yosemite Located?Edit

It's in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

How Can Americans Enjoy Yosemite?Edit

Americans can enjoy Yosemite by never visiting, lobbying members of Congress to either cut funding or allow an aerial bombardment of the bear populated areas and getting someone to turn it into a parking lot. If you do wind up having to go to this damn place for some reason like a wedding, enter and leave the park after 9pm so you dont have to pay to get in.

Yosemite Fun FactsEdit

Yosemite sucks.unless of course you like sucking smoke,or if you are hillary clinton. You cant ride a mountain bike there, you cant drive quads / 4wds / dirt bikes around, and the awanhee no longer hosts a clamper friendly bar.


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