Yom Kippur
is a happenin' Jewish ritual!
L'Chaim, baby!

Baby Jesus
Baby moses
Celebrate the all-American Holiday
Yom Kippur
with The Baby Jesus™ and The Baby Moses™

Yom Kippur is the time where not only those of the Jewish faith, but people of all faiths should come together to tell Dr. Stephen Colbert they are sorry for whatever they have done to wrong him in the past year.

Notable people who have apologised to Dr. Colbert this year are:

  • Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilley for stealing Dr. Colbert’s idea for a television show.
  • Bill Clinton for letting 9/11 happen.
  • The Associated Press for their rude interpretation of Dr. Colbert’s White House Correspondents' Association Dinner speech.
  • Kim Jong Il for stealing Dr. Colbert’s sunglasses.

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