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Baby Jesus
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Yoda Edit

Yoda was the second greatest Jedi of all time. Yoda passed after training Stephen Colbert in the ways of the force. He saw that Stephen's powers were superior and they could control the universe. Since Yoda no longer had a purpose, he passed.

He also was green.

All people who hate Yoda are Homosexuals. Anyone who doesn't believe that yoda was the second most kick-ass jedi in all of the Star Wars movies will be deported to North Korea. Yoda was also the discoverer of the light saber.


In the year 3870 Yoda was resurrected by Slash from Gun's and Roses with only one goal in mind, to eliminate all tree frogs. After Pokevolving into Mega President Bush Clinton Yoda he slashed apart 13,000 tree frogs in a mere 11 minutes. He was then captured by a renegade French Pokemon Trainer and choked on a piece of cheese.

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