Yo! Help MC Steele Urbanize Da GOPizzle
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Michael Steele decided that the first thing he would do as head of the GOP would be to modernize it for the young hip-hop generation.

He started with dissing Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., which proved to be quite hardcore.

Nonetheless, even with his own street cred, Mr. Steele is only one man. He has asked Americans to take a survey in an internets tube to help him assess the best path toward hiphopification. has already taken the survey as many times as possible. But, we don't feel that's enough, so we're going to offer this entire tube for The Heroes to help MC Steele accomplish his mission of urbanizing the GOP into an undissable majority in Washington.

I Can Help You MC Steele!Edit

Please add your suggestions for what you think the GOP can do to better relate to the young peoples in America today.

  • wear baseball caps on the floor of the House/Senate chambers (it will look cool on CSPAN)
  • slap Rhianna around a bit
  • shoot yourself in the leg
  • walk around with a posse/entourage
  • have staffers photoshop a "grille" on your official Congress ID photo

"Yo! Help MC Steele Urbanize Da GOPizzle"
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