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Yellowstone National Park
is one of the ways God Blessed America.


What Is Yellowstone National Park?Edit

Yellowstone National Park is a haven created by communists and liberals for bears and squirrels. It is the main front for grizzly bear reintroduction into the American West.

How Was Yellowstone National Park Created?Edit

It is suspected that a lethal combination of Canadians and hippies converged upon the park for its coldness and abundance of trees. These two groups then disgustingly evicted the native mining companies and timber industries, destroying years worth of hard work.

Where Is Yellowstone National Park Located?Edit

Yellowstone National Park is luckily somewhere in Wyoming. This gives Dick Cheney the ability to monitor it closely and shoot it in the face if it does anything wrong.

How Can Americans Enjoy Yellowstone National Park?Edit

By either starting forest fires or hunting the native bear population.

Yellowstone National Park Fun FactsEdit

  • Yellowstone is so inundated by Canadians that you don't want to go there.
  • hunting is legal there

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