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"Yankee" is the slang term first popularized during the American Civil War to describe the Northern faction. Today, it is used to refer to Americans from the Great Lakes States. Outside of America, however, "Yankee" is used to refer to the American Dollar.

What is a Yankee? Edit


This is what a Yankee is. When you see one destroy it immediatly

A Yankee is also refered to as a "Yank", "Damnyankee", "Billy Yank", or "major league Asshole". A Yankee is something nobody wants to be. A Yankee is someone from the North who likes to leave his home and invade other places such as Dixieland. They were educated in liberal elitist schools in the ivy league, so they believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. They like to tell others how to live, how to talk, and what flags they can fly(anything with a rainbow on it). They like to brag about how the "won" the war, which they did not. They are intent on destroying others' cultures and replacing it with their ungodlyness.

Where are they from? Edit

A Yankee is some one from the North Eastern section of the United States and includes the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Vermont, New York, Conneticut, Maine, Massachussettes, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Pennslyvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, which besides California are the worst places is in the world and this is not a run on sentence I know because this website says it is so it must be true. Candians may also be refered to as Yankees

The Blue States are Yankee

People who are YankeesEdit

Real Americans who are not YankeesEdit

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