If you don't already have a
your parents never loved you!

A yacht is a type of boat that is so luxurious only certain people can afford one.

What Makes A Yacht So ExpensiveEdit

Since there is so little water on America's Planet and no more water is expected to suddenly appear, boats are rare. Some boats transport filthy, filthy things such as oil and Chinese laborers.

Yachts, however, do not transport anything. They serve no other purpose other than to be making them the most expensive type of boat!

In addition to the lack of a proper floating surface on which to traverse, yachts are made using the most rarest of materials such as:

  • arkwood
  • gold (for the engines)
  • an actual naked woman is strapped to the bow of every yacht

Yachts do not have sails, because that is just gay.

The people who own yachts contribute much to the economy, and receive special compensation for that sacrifice.

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