Xbox 360
is suffering from a severe overdose of randomness!
Start a Truthiness-IV -STAT!!!
"Xbox 360"
is for the kids!

Xbox 360 is the best console because in 2004 yelled at Microsoft because his xbox broke and then a year later they accidentally got him an xbox 360. Plans for success against ps3

1. Make Xbox 360

2. Wait for PS3 to suck major giant monster donkey cock.

3. Sell consoles

4. Crush bestiality loving competition distroying their communist plot

5. Give the great stephen his own xbox game Truthiness: truth evolved

Red Ring Of Death Edit

The mysterious rings seem to appear when playing one of your favorite games or when you are about to accomplish something friggin' great in a game. It is believed that Microsoft purposely put this technical issue into the console to conserve energy, rob people of Xbox live playing time which people pay billions of dollars for each year, and just really piss people off. This is why many people choose Playstation 3, including The Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush.

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