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It is widely believed this film represented a place, "Where all your dreams come true, horribly, horribly true." The film directed by Jane Fonda and starring the 1984 DNC participants, tells the story of a rollerskating cult from the future, beings of light, it is alleged, that come to Earth to rebuild their civilization after Bears attacked their convention. For killing a bear during a roller dance battle. That is how things are decided on the liberal end of the spectrum. Dance Battles, presided over by David Lee Roth, and the Macho Man Randy Savage.


The Rollerskating cult began in 1968, when an unruly band of ragtag misfits stormed the local rollerderby, attacking and killing many pedestrians, it is widely believed that Bears could be an enemy of both humanity and these Xanadusians. Originally the Bears and Xanadusians were allied to overthrow the human race, but once the protest got out of control, these beings of light, made enemies of the wrong sides. They can't ally with the Earthlings, all except for Olivia Newton John. Their predicament is similar to the epic Series finale of "Care Bears Meet The Smurfs".

In 1969 several members were convicted of a gruesome series of clogging murders in Southern California. Xanadu was in decline, and it seemed all was lost, as the leader was sent to prison for life on accusations of trying to create some sort of 'Helter Skelter'.

Rumors and Rumored MembersEdit

This group is responsible for the demise of rollerdiscotheques and roller rinks all across America!

The film Top Gun was produced by them.

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