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Wyatt Cenac
is a correspondent for "The Daily Show"

Wyatt Cenac is a young, black correspondent, and presumably the Junior Black Correspondent to Larry Wilmore.


Wyatt Cenac was born in New York City. He attended high school in Texas at the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas to be indoctrinated into the Real American lifestyle. After flunking high school he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he discovered his passion for fake journalism. He moved Los Angeles to further his career as a homeless man.

King of The HillEdit

One day a rich Hollywood producer discovered Wyatt Cenac's talent on writing words on paper, so he gave him a job as a writer and story editor for the successful Real American show called King of the Hill. Not because they needed a token black person, but because they needed a more diverse view of America from a black person's point of view.

Saturday Night LiveEdit

He tried to get a job as an Obama impersonator on Saturday Night Live, but they told him he wasnt urban enough so the job was given to Fred Armisen (a talented man who knows the struggles of the working black man).

Joining The Daily Show: Jr Black CorrespondentEdit

In June 2008, Cenac joined The Daily Show as the Jr Black Correspondent, making him the second black person to join the cast (without causing a black riot with Larry Wilmore).

Cenac had his first field report on July 21, 2008 where he tried to kidnap then Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama and take his place as the New Black President of the United States. Maybe next time, Cenac.

Rap CareerEdit

In October 2009, he worked with rapper Slim Thug on the music video "Still a Boss", a music video on how the recession is affecting the rap community and how it is causing a financial struggle for their posse.

Battle of The CorrespondentsEdit

Currently Wyatt is at battle with Larry Wilmore for the title of Sr. Black Correspondent, as the show cant currently afford to be too urban with viewers.


  • Wyatt was able to battle off three other correspondents for "the chair" on November 3rd, 2010.
  • He mysteriously left the show in December 12, 2012. WE suspect FOUL PLAY.

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