People Continue To Protest The Election Results In IranEdit


People Protest Government Inaction In South AfricaEdit


  • Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya... --DorkVader 18:34, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

Former Philippines President Corazon Aquino PassesEdit


Former President Clinton Seeking Release Of Two US Journalists Held In North KoreaEdit


Creationism Theme Park Seized By IRSEdit


  • Dinosaur Adventure Land goes the way of the..... well Dinosaur. --Anlewort 04:32, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

North Korea's Kim Jong-Il Pardons, Releases Two US JournalistsEdit

BClintonKimJong-Il4-4-2009 BClintonLLingELee8-5-2009

These two just had a wiener waving contest (guess who won?) And these to fine ladies are the prize. --Grazon 04:35, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

US Journalists Come Home SafelyEdit

LauraLingEunaLee8-5-2009 EunaLeeLauraLing8-5-2009

  • Seriously ladies, where's the sandwich??? --DorkVader 18:35, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

President Hussein Obama And White House Reporter Helen Thomas Celebrate Their BirthdaysEdit


Thousands Of California School Workers Protest State Budget CutsEdit


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sworn In For Second TermEdit

AhmadinejadOath8-5-2009 IranParliament8-5-2009

Senate Votes To Confirm Sonia Sotomayor As Supreme Court JusticeEdit


Hiroshima Marks 64th Anniversary Of Atomic BombingEdit


  • Forgot the mushroom cloud, geniuses. --DorkVader 18:37, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

Britain's Last Surviving World War I Veteran Dies, Is Laid To RestEdit


Sonia Sotomayor Takes The Oath To Become The 111th Supreme Court JusticeEdit


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