The Largest Reflecting Telescope Opens On The Canary IslandsEdit


Amateur Astronomer Photographs New Impact Scar On JupiterEdit


Spaniard Wins 2009 Tour De FranceEdit


  • Winning againts a country that surrenders at every opportunity is not impressive. Kaiser des Reiches{HRE} 16:06, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

More Than 25,000 People Receive Medical Care At Free ClinicEdit

The clinic is held annually and provides the only care many of the people in the area will see all year long. RAMWiseVirginia7-24-2009

President Hussein Obama Conducts Townhall Meeting In Grocery Store To Discuss HealthcareEdit

This meeting was held five days after and 62 miles away from the free clinic in the image above


Obama Administration Turns Off Bush-Era Sign In CubaEdit


US And Chinese Officials Meet For Economic TalksEdit


Honduran President Still ExiledEdit


Woman Arrested For Wearing "Indecent" Pants Appears Before Court Wearing PantsEdit

This is a file photo of Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein


President Hussein Obama Has Beer With Professor And Policeman In False Arrest DisputeEdit


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