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Worcester, Taxachusetts
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Worcester, Taxachusetts
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Worcester MA is a fabulous city!! Yet, strangely, it is invisible!!

Worcester is located in the indistinct Far West of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (i.e., past I-495). Its gauzy hills are studded with classic New England villages, and its vales teem with sparkling fresh waters (but I digress...) The city itself shows an ugly side to those whizzing past from New York to Maine. This is a clever ploy on the city's part to keep the Rest of the World at bay.

A few important things happened here, most notably Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's encounter with higher education at The Collleg of the Holy Cross. Here, he learned about Black Power. Fortunately, he had an anagnorisis.

Another player, of slightly less significance, was [the original] Isaiah Thomas, who published the Massachsetts Spy, a pre-internet version of Daily Show.

Worcester, Taxachusetts HistoryEdit

Worcester is the original "City of Love" -- the Heart of the Commonwealth. Spinster Esther Howland invented the first commercially produced valentine here in 1848. Her holiday custom has not only helped schoolchildren figure out who is popular but also created the perfect opportunity for men to propose marriage and thus keep society strong. Unfortunately, the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology then gave birth to the birth control pill, which is one of the main causes of the moral decline of Western Civilization. Possibly, Worcester should be known as the "Broken Heart of the Commonwealth."

Worcester, Taxachusetts TodayEdit

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