is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.


A hippie music festival held in New York featuring friends of Neil Young, British bands, Jimi Hendrix and Kenny G. Woodstock was organized by atheist soviet spies hoping distract America's youth from loving Jesus. Stephen arrived just in time to cut off the pot supply and end the communist fiesta. Due to his busy schedule, Stephen Colbert has deferred hippie containment duties to his bastard son, Eric Cartman.

Back in the sixties, this "festival" was held in New York's 22nd district.

Bands at Woodstock Edit

The most notable bands to play at woodstock include Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane (which unfortunatly did not crash and burn), and Ravi Shankar, a dot-headed Sitar playing communist.

The Star Spangled Banner Edit

On the last day of the festival, Jimi Hendrix blasphemed America in every way possible by playing a distored version of our nations national anthem. Though all the dirty Hippies were too stoned to realise it, the song acually sounded like a malfunctioning tracktor as opposed to our nations anthem.


Jimi Hendrix makes Stephen Colbert sad

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