has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!

A liberal web tube headed up by a girl (!) who spends her time gossiping, which is girl stuff, so it's okay. But, it's what she gossips about: politics!

And girls shouldn't be discussing men things.

OriginsEdit touts itself as the "D.C. Gossip", which everyone knows really means "hooker".

Rumours vary as to Miss Wonkette's actual background, whether as one of the original Pamela Martin Girls or even worse as a journalism student!

The SiteEdit

The Wonkette webtube's front page includes the expected links for who they are, what they do, how to contact them and links to "friends"[1]. In addition to the links for the latest stories, Wonkette includes links to the most popular stories and a searching features, which assists the Wonkette cult find old stories.

But the most dominating part of Wonkette's front page is the picture of the presumed Wonkette herself.

Wonkette seems to revel in her intellectualism as symbolized by the glasses that she features prominently in her portrait. This stands as a glaring warning to any American wandering aimlessly around the internets tubes that encourages girls to surf the internets without their father's or husband's (or any other male relative for that matter) permission, so that they may read and discuss traditionally male subjects.

Other artwork comes from some hippie name "Gawker Artist", who is obviously some kind of liberal sociopath.


Wonkette original "gossip" is posted for the heathens who frequent the site and for their comments. People are encouraged to register and participate in conversations about anything they feel like!

Participants are allowed to create fictional names that they use to anonymously communicate with others of their ilk!

Even the girls!

Wonkette, you are encouraging girls to read andspeak!

Shame on you!

See AlsoEdit

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