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A wolf is a four legged ravenous killing machine. They have been known to raise children as their own. Wolves have been known to be hunted by idiots, known as "Hunters" which, happen to be stupid. Wolves came before dogs, as a matter of fact dogs came from wolves, so don't train your damn dog to hunt wolves, it's like training your kids to hunt their cousins! It's not right. So don't be an asshole, m'kay?

Basic Anatomical StuffEdit

Wolves are basically identical to dogs, but with the exception of being very smart. Wolves are so smart that they can trick little girls into believing that they are actually their grandmothers!!!

Wolves are also mighty blowers. They have been known to blow down straw and stick houses, however they tend to struggle with brick houses.

Family StructureEdit

Wolf pack.

Where They LiveEdit

Castle Wolfenstein

What They EatEdit

The Wolf's diet includes livestock, poultry, deer, and grandmothers.

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