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"Windows vs Linux"
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Map of the great software wars.


One of the few times that penguins betrayed the human race…

The Windows vs. Linux conflict is one of the most important wars of all time in the computing world. As with all wars, there are two sides in this war:

Although the scale of this conflict is small compared to the Grand War Between Good and Evil, it is nevertheless an important conflict, as the War Between Good and Evil is itself conducted partly with the help of computers, such as the computer hosting Stephen Colbert's glorious blog

An Extremely Brief and Truthified History of WindowsEdit


Is this the work of the Great Satan, or a shining example of the success of capitalism? Both, of course!

Just as America was created by God, so Windows was created by Bill "The Great Satan" Gates. As a young hippie, Gates wanted to bring computers to the common citizen — create a "personal computer"![1] Truly this is high treason — trying to put the ability to crunch huge amounts of data in the hands of the ordinary day labourer! If this is not giving aid and comfort to terrorists, then what is?

An Extremely Brief and Truthified History of LinuxEdit

Bill and linux

Bill Gates trying to get the demons of Windows to infest the soul of a Linux machine.

To counter the socialist influence of Windows, Stephen Colbert commissioned Linus Torvalds to create Linux. Unfortunately, while Linus did end up creating Linux with the aim of battling Windows, it turned out that he did not share Colbert's aim of creating a glorious America ruled by Jesus. Instead of selling Linux at high prices as God intended, Linus decided to give it away for free. Jesus wept at the communism.

And that was not all. Linus decided to open up the development of Linux to a bunch of people called "hackers", who are really just pinko hippies who sit at their computers for weeks on end without taking a bath!

To salvage the situation, Stephen Colbert commissioned another group of developers to add Christian software to Linux. With the addition of godly computer programs, Linux turned overnight from a treasonous steaming pile of Stalinism, into a shining beacon of freedom and patriotism — a Christian Edition of Ubuntu Linux![2] Alas, the brave Ubuntu Christian Edition soon became a casualty in the War on Norrisism.[3]

So, What Will Jesus Install?Edit

As we have seen, the conflict between Windows and Linux is a very complex historical event indeed. Nevertheless, there is one thing we know about the conflict, which is this:

Check out Stephen Colbert's glorious blog, now!


  1. Fact huggers have it that the first personal computer was in fact the Kenbak-1 or the Datapoint 2200, and Gates did not create Altair BASIC until more than 3 years later. But why bother with facts?
  2. Ubuntu Christian Edition.
  3. Ubuntu Christian Edition Facts.

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