was interviewed as a guest of The Colbert Report, got nailed,
performed a song and got nailed again!

October 30, 2008 NailingEdit


  • lead singer of Wilco, whose CDs include Kicking Television, tonight, it's going to kick back, Jeff Tweedy
  • Stephen gave his flag pin to Barack Obama
    • Jeff gave Stephen a t-shirt
  • he is a rock and roller
  • labels himself as a rock and roller
    • never thought of changing his name
  • his website offers a song for free
    • he might be a socialist
    • lousy capitalists
  • traveling with Neil Young
    • critical of the president
    • Canadian
  • if Obama wins
    • both from Chicago
    • all about geography
  • met Obama before he was a Senator
    • introduced them at farm Aid
  • if Obama wins, Wilco would play at the inaugural
  • will perform a song called Wilco, the Song
  • Stephen respects naming things after oneself
    • Stephen Colbert, the Me
  • no TiVoing the exclusive song
    • that would be socialism
    • watch the commercial or you're stealing


Wilco, the Song

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