Wikinazi/Musical Linguist
is too drunk to drive itself home...
must be Irish.

On the surface, a perfecly wonderful christer. She's pro-life, has family values, and is a supporter of the troops. Underneath it, however, is a wikipedia admin that blocks heros and hates Stephen Colbert. In other words, a Wikinazi and a zealot of the Cult of Wikipedia.

Musical Linguist Discovers!Edit


Mujsical Linguist demands that a community she doesn't belong to (or ever contributed to) conform to her Nazi ways


Musical Lingust threatens, ooh, we're scared.

One day, Musical Linguist discovered and instead of appreciating the satire contained herein, tried to go all nazi on us.

Too bad ML, aint your wiki, baby!

Musical Linguist's Favorite SayingsEdit

  • Shut This Down!
  • Stop laughing at me, this is not funny!
  • I have rights!
  • You will rue the day you crossed me!!!
  • I demand that you respect mah authoratay!

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