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Essjay is a noob currently seeking employment. He is proud to be educated in the finer arts by the "For Complete Idiots" book series. Essjay contributed to over 20,000 Wikipedia articles, corrected thousands of errors, stemmed the constant onslaught of vandalism, and shone as a beacon of wiki-citizenship during his tenure at das -pedia.

The Dream DeferredEdit

When it was discovered that Essjay was not in fact a notable professor at a private religious college with multiple advanced degrees in Theology and Canon Law, but in fact was a 24-year-old community college dropout, he was asked to resign from his coveted positions at Wikip*dia . Why, we wonder? Are the wikipedophiles so elitist that the only way they'll accept an editor into their ranks is if he holds multiple degrees? How un-American is that??

Who Are you, Essjay?Edit

The discovery, which came about during a routine Wikipedia backround check, shocked not only Jimmy Wales and the rest of the Wikipedia community, but also the highly trained team of investigative journalists from The New Yorker who only days before had failed to learn of Essjay's hoax.

Welcome Home, BrotherEdit


The truthiness is out there, Essjay.

We here at would like to extend to Essjay our congratulations, as well as an invitation to be a feature commentator on our site. Surely, if anyone understands the truthy nature of wikiality, Essjay must.

External Links Edit

Essjay's User Page at Wikipedia

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