Antandrus is an extreme anti-Colbert crusader who was involved in removing large amounts of truthiness, along with Tawker and a few others. He is very liberal, and a charter member of the international Jewish Conspiracy.

While he believes that Colbert has an adequate haircut and more-or-less inoffensive wardrobe, he also maintains that Colbert could upgrade several elements of his intellectual repertoire, which tends to the repetitive, tedious, and pandering. Courage, not being a prominent virtue for television personalities with large followings, might be a discovery for him later in life: in the meantime, he is probably best left to enjoy the bootlicking of the mob.

Antandrus is an administrator on Wikipedia, where he shamelessly trisects elephant populations, de-commodifies internet slush (known by the weak-minded as "reality"), and generally supports an archaic point of view descended directly from rational philosophers long dead. His television complains of disuse, and his friends ask him why he bothers to fight the legions of internet zombies that, under the pretense of being "rugged individualists" and "true conservatives", organize themselves into battalions of indistinguishable automatons to perform exactly the same edits to numerous other wiki websites, entirely unaware of either their laughability or hypocrisy.

Sometimes he makes logins on other Wikis, especially when drunk, to thumb his nose at the invertebrates at such places.

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