has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!
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And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work.
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~ Julian Assange
Filthy Internet Pirate is a filthy, filthy liberal webtube that allows scofflaws to post sensitive and internal documents which--when they are kept secret and confidential--protect and maintain the integrity of all participants in the free market. But, when those very same documents are released willy-nilly (like how Wikileaks does it) terrorists everywhere are emboldened and The Baby Jesus weeps tears of deep and everlasting sorrow.


HACKERS changed the WikiaLeaks list of Taliban informants before the list was published on the WikiLeaks site. The list WikiLeaks published had many local Taliban SUPPORTERS listed as Taliban INFORMANTS. Will the Taliban come after WikiLeaks when they realize they have killed some of their own supporters?

US and Australian Government Declares WikiLeaks as a Terrorist OrganizationEdit

The US and our Allies have declared WikiLeaks as a terrorist organization after aiding the enemy and undermining America's National Security with their filthy Series of Tubes lies. We have evidence that they were receiving filthy Muslim Money.


In 2008, a defenseless Swiss bank had to ask a court to close the tube off from the rest of the internets after discovering someone had posted information pertaining to an ongoing investigation.

The ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation came to their defense.


Although the tube appears to still be open (the injunction was lifted), Americans everywhere are fighting to keep it and every tube like it banned from the greater internets to protect the children, since it leaks the blacklist for the Australian censorship which includes plenty of child porn sites.


It also leaks US military video footage wherein some US helicopter kills two Iraqi journalists and this filthy liberal tube is now national security threat to the US.

WikiLeaks have promised to continue their garbage propaganda until America is destroyed.

WikiLeaks Pro-rape AgendaEdit

Did you know that WikiLeaks founder is a known rapist? No, really! Is not like we manufactured the evidence. Clearly this is a punishment from God!

Praise and Glory to God and the CIA! The timing is just excellent to bring down WikiLeaks forever!

Rape UpdateEdit

Now that Interpol is on the case, it is only a matter of time before we arrest this monster. The evidence is solid enough to imprison him for the rest of his life!

Upsetting our Chinese Masters!Edit will not stop its series of tubes campaign of terror, as of right now they are cyberbullying our Chinese Masters! Our Glorious Chinese Masters are asking the US to invade Sweden and stop this threat or no more free money!

Korea Hates WikileaksEdit

Way to go Wikileaks. This is probably the first time that Korea and China agrees on something...

Now we only need Japan to join us and you will have the Asian Community on your ass...

Interpol to Arrest Terrorist Traitor[1]Edit


The man is such a monster that
there is no actual picture of him

Dammit, why isnt the CIA doing something already? We can fabricate some new crimes to stop this monster... We have the technology!

Damn, even hippies hate him!


Still, JA is still REALLY HOT,
even if this isn't an actual picture!

Women have been known to throw themselves at him, declaring "Oo, Oo, Release me, too!!" They've even offered to hide him under their beds, in exchange for certain "favours". Interpol, are you listening? Your wife could be hiding this Beast! Men of the World, check under your bed every night - several times!

Liberal Media Hates WikileaksEdit

Even the liberal media hates Wikileaks, after all they are stealing their jub! This kind of reckless behavior is unforgivable!

See, this monster has the support of a terrorist communist un-american traitor, that says something!


Un-american traitor Julian Assange has declared that if Wikileaks is taken down or if he is arrested/assassinated, he will release a new batch of document filled with embarrassing details that will make the last batch of documents look like last years porn. Bring it, bitch

From hence forth we declare Julian Assange a Honorary Hero! Leave him alone!


Nation, we can all feel safe now! That monster has been arrested and we have nothing to fear except the danger that he will release the password to access the doomsday file containing damning documents that could could topple governments and our economy. But I am not afraid!

Julian Assange will be begging for mercy soon enough... [2]

Lives that Wikileaks is DestroyingEdit

The FixEdit

External TubesEdit

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