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"Wikiality DIY: So, You Want To Post Something On"
is a part of Wikiality D.I.Y.
Pull yourself up by yer bootstraps and do it yourself . . . is a wiki that is open to anyone with a tube connected to the main internets tube. Only heroes whose guts have balls enough to watch Stephen Colbert's award-winning news program, "The Colbert Report" are allowed to post.

If you don't have balls (or Thatchers for the ladies) or guts to be a hero, your computer will not allow you to connect to the main internets tube and you will not be able to post.

A Few Glossary TermsEdit

  • post
    • (noun) an individual set of words that are in an internets tube
    • (verb) to send something into an internets tube (words or images)
    • (usage) no one ever says: "I am going to post a post onto the internets" It's just not done.
  • edit
    • (noun) the change(s) made to an internets tube
    • (verb) to alter an internets tube
    • (usage) no one ever says: "I am going to edit an edit" That's never done either.
  • link
  • red link
  • tube (or page or article)
  • section
  • talk tube

A Few Basic GuidelinesEdit

  • this wiki belongs to all the heroes, work together
  • vanity is reserved for Stephen
  • contribute
  • adding is better than deleting
  • don't take criticisms personally
  • argue for your ideas
  • randomness is not truthiness

Where Do I Start?Edit


  • talk pages
  • user page
  • personal information, pages about your school and pervs
  • random page
  • stubs
  • welcome
  • state pages
  • city pages
  • games
  • pages "Under Construction"

What Pages Can Be Edited?Edit

If you've never played on a wiki before, we suggest you practice on some of our games.

Once you find something that looks interesting, follow these steps:

  1. click on anything that says EDIT
  2. type something funny
  3. make sure you click on the SHOW PREVIEW button to check what you typed is funny
  4. once your gut is satisfied with your contribution, press the SAVE PAGE button

How To EditEdit

Oh, if it were that easy...please check out Help:Editing.

And, good'll need it.

Now That You've Been Banned...Edit

It's not the end of the world. Our Admins protect the sanctity of as an homage to Our Glorious Stephen.

If you are editing anonymously, you might get a message explaining why you were banned, maybe not. You really ought to create an account.

If you have an account and you were banned, check out your talk page for the reason why. If you feel your ban is not fair, dispute it. Argue your case. Make your point. During a ban, your talk page will be the only page you can post on, so make good use of it. Ignoring Admins is never a good thing, but if you communicate and your reasons are sound, you might be able to have the ban lifted.

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