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This page, Maintenance, discusses an official policy of We treat it like we would treat a decree from Our Glorious Stephen himself. Because it is so rich in gut-issued, truth-filled wikiality, this policy on Maintenance has wide acceptance among members of and is considered a standard that all users should follow. By following these standards, we are working to create a reality where each user's truthiness reflects the truthiness of Stephen.

Un-Colbert Content

SectionOldest listing
Un-Colbert Content22:18, December 22, 2006
Where's The Colbert?00:31, April 9, 2007
On Notice05:33, August 8, 2006


SectionOldest listing
Rewrites18:16, March 13, 2007
Wikipedophilia22:08, January 7, 2007
Too Facty05:33, August 8, 2006
Too Liberal22:38, January 7, 2007
Random22:18, December 22, 2006

General/occasional maintenance

SectionOldest listing
Needs Editing22:53, November 14, 2006
Needs Balls00:05, March 18, 2007
Mergers07:55, May 5, 2008
Ugly03:51, September 1, 2006
Teh notis bored15:45, January 30, 2007

Other Maintenance

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