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The Wikiality Study Group Research Study Group, at work studying Wikiality Research.

The Wikiality Study Group Research Study Group (WSGRSG) is a team of professional researchers that was initially dedicated to researching the nature of study groups and to the cataloging of study groups. It has recently expanded its field of expertise to include not just study groups but research in general, with a high concentration on Wikiality research.

Mission (Accomplished) StatementEdit

The WSGRSG stands for Truthiness, Justicity and the Badass American Way, just like Superman.

The group is committed to plowing through facts like a Bradley Fighting vehicle through innocent civilians (or like a huge drill moving through a crowd of hippies)(or like an NSA agent through America's internets tubes) to bring you delicious truthiness in its purest form - or as the kids would say, Colbert style.*

*Warning: Truthiness to be ingested with gut only! Avoid contact with any other part of the body.


  • Complete a comprehensive report on the nature of study groups and study group trends.
  • Extensively catalog all study groups and all research done by those groups.
  • Study Wikiality Research
  • Stand by our president.


Every registered user is also a proud WSGRG member, regardless of whether they are actually aware of it - it's kind of like being loved by Jesus.

Scientific Papers — Contributions Welcome!Edit

The WSGRSG invites all budding truthitician-scientists to submit scientific papers to add to our growing body of knowledge! We welcome scientific papers on all subjects related to truthiness, justicity, and the American Way.

To contribute a paper, simply use the {{techreport}} template to add your paper to the appropriate section in the list below. If you would like to include a paper on a subject other than those listed below, feel free to add a new section!

Subject: Iraq and the Iraq WarEdit

C. Y. Belle, V. Gold, and J. Wayne. 2007. Improved estimation of post-invasion mortality rates in Iraq based on quantum mechanics. Technical Report, Study Group Research Study Group.

Abstract: A recent study by Burnham et al. claimed that Iraq mortality rates were higher after the US intervention into Iraq than before. In this paper, we attempt to show that Burnham et al.’s results cannot be replicated; and even if they can be replicated, the definition of crude mortality rate (CMR) they used is a wrong one; and even if it is not a wrong one, the very fact that Burnham et al. refuse to release their data to Gourley et al. proves that their results are bogus; and even if they do send their data to Gourley et al., it does not invalidate any of the rest of the breadth of academic criticism against the Lancet papers; and even if it does invalidate the rest of the breadth of academic criticism against the Lancet papers, the truth remains that the Lancet papers are bad for freedom and capitalism and the American Way.

C. Y. Belle and J. Wayne. 2008. Forecasts of intensity of the Iraqi insurgency via analysis of planetary cycles. Technical Report, Study Group Research Study Group.

Abstract: We introduce a novel technique for forecasting the intensity of insurgency movements based on the study of planetary cycles. In our method, we analyze the correlation of insurgency rates in Iraq with special events in the Aztec and Maya calendars. Simulations show that, when flux adjustments are applied on the resulting predictions, our insurgency model is accurate to within 10% of observed insurgency rates. Extrapolation of the model after further flux adjustments shows that the intensity of Iraqi insurgency will further increase unless the United States retains a Republican administration.


  • Academic research:
    • Observe the Wikiality Study Group Research Study Group and Study it as it researches itself studying the Wikiality Study Group Research Study Group and report to Wikiality.
    • Archive, maintain and expand Stephen Citings list.
      • Note: consider supplement: Stephen Sightings? (Non-myopic members only)
  • Social projects:

Outside ProjectsEdit

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