The Dopplert Praydar Weather Service is a public service provided by for its users. Using the most advanced technology available, the Dopplert Praydar allows our highly trained Weatheriticians to interpret the messages behind God's most recent Smote Storms and other important meteorological events.

The Dopplert Praydar Weather Service Predicts God's Weather Only Moments After It BeginsEdit

Types of weather the Dopplert Praydar can detect:

The Dopplert Praydar Weather Service Interprets God's Smotes Storms For YouEdit


Storm Type: Subtropical Cyclone, later downgraded to "Subtropical Depression" (= 45 mph winds and rain = Not really a Tropical Storm.) Still considered worrisome enough to get named prior to season. First May storm in 26 years.
Dates: May 9 - May 11, 2007 [1]
Location and Damages: Hit the Eastern Seaboard with Wind and rain damage, five drownings
God's Message: Don't try to tell ME when the "seasons" are!!! As someone I know once said, "Sow the wind; reap the whirlwind, suckers!"
Beppo's P.S.: aaaaaa. aaaaa. aaaalllll. AAAllllberto.

oo   oo


Storm Type: Mild. Tropical Storm in FL, downgraded to Tropical Depression for the rest of the Eastern coast
Dates: Hurricane Season Eve - 3 June, 2007
Location and Damages: Landfall in Florida, with progression up eastern seaboard. Wind and rain damages (minimal) in FL; Flash flooding in GA and Carolinas.
God's Message: Do not doubt me, muthafuckas!!! You think you got droughts, Carolinas? Worried about a little wildfire, Georgia? Pissed that your Governor isn't gay, Florida? Well, suck on this! Your pity parties still can't rival the awesome power of God's tears. Greatest Tears - EVER!
Beppo's P.S.: Barry bad. Banana!!!


  1. The first "Brownie Storm" of 2007's Hurricane Season

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