Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

Homo WikiNerdeous

A WikiNerd is a cave-dwelling four-eyes with low self-esteem and an innate fear of sunlight. WikiNerd has no girlfriend, unless you count that overweight balding guy with beard stuble who is lying to him on AOL.

The passive-aggressive WikiNerd cannot digest most green vegetables, because the digestive tract of these insidious half-man, half-gerbals is completely mutated and can only be sustained by cheetoes and cola, which are the only things it will successfully digest (as Mom upstairs will readily attest). The resulting malnutrition, combined with monitor-fatigued focus, has created a state of extreme myopia (or NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS, for you nearsighted four-eyes out there), as well as several skin allergies to foreign elements like air and water and all human contact.

When WikiNerds meet online late at night, after World of Warcraft has left them in a decidedly self-contented enui, they guiltily herd towards Wikipedia, where they begin to hop up and down in their cheap Ikea chairs and pound out the ape-like gospel of the choir of the Damned. When crossed, they will delete your entry, post haste. Actually, you pretty much just need to have written something and they will go ahead and delete it, claiming first lack of relevancy, then lack of citations, then a lack of references to cheetoes and, well, you get the picture, as it's probably feeding time again by then, anyway.

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