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Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not was the name of a show-a-bration adapted from Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not, Russell Hokes's book about Wigfield. This limited-run "less than a play, more than a reading" featured the *LIVE*, (un)*NUDE*, and *EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE* talents of Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Kevin Spacey. Apparently, the wonderful folks at Hyperion Press were "too cheap" to pay for a book tour for the Second Greatest Book - EVER (after The Bible, of course). So these inventive, amazing performers took it upon themselves to adapt this important piece of American literature.

The performance of Wigfield featured Kevin Spacey in the role of narrator/journalist Russell Hokes, with Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello using something called "acting" to portray the wild and wily characters that make up the townsfolk of Wigfield. Throughout the performance, a multimedia extravaganza flashed around the trio in the form of projections of Todd Oldham's photographs from the Wigfield book.

Not having seen it myself, I can only imagine that Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not must have been something like an Anna Deavere Smith performance, except without all the bother of having to contend with actual oral history transcripts and multiple costume changes. And like the town of Wigfield itself, it probably also had much less to do with the ethnics. God, how I wish I could have been there!!

If you'd like to read more from someone who was there, for "accuracy" or whatever, then I guess you can read this or this.

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