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  • Wigfield, U.S.A., is a small American town like so many small towns in the heart of America. Wigfield stands poised on the edge of destruction, threatened by the government's efforts to tear down the Alfonse T. Bulkwater Memorial Dam, haunted by the the knowledge that the only thing standing between the town and the destruction of which this sentence spoke earlier is said dam of which this sentence also earlier said spoke.
  • Wigfield, the book by Russell Hokes is, in the opinion of Russell Hokes, a Pulitzer-worthy[1] journalistic expose of the near-certain destruction-edging existence of the town of Wigfield, much of it plagiarized from the moving words of the heroic residents themselves.

Please NoteEdit

  1. By which, Russell Hokes does not wish to indicate any doubt that Wigfield should also be considered a worthy candidate for the National Book Award, because of course these are not mutually exclusive. All honors acccepted, and deserved.

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