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In the proud tradition of DOJ Fridays, we at have put together the "Who Will Resign This Friday?" game. Enjoy!

How to playEdit

Submit your choices (up to 3 per week) for which member(s) of the Greatest President's team will resign on the upcoming Friday. If you would prefer, you may also suggest choices for resigners from other areas of the government/fields as well. The first person to submit a choice claims "dibbs" on that resigner for that week only. All resignation choices re-start the next week if someone else wants to "dibbs" that particular resigner.

If you would like to support the candidacy of a particular nominee for resignation (i.e., someone already listed), you should add a +1 "vote" below the initial resigner "dibbs" to indicate that you also believe that person will resign.

Important: Don't forget to sign your submissions (by adding this: --~~~~). Otherwise, we won't know who called it!


Points will be given on the following basis:

Correctly calling a resigner (Friday, week called): 10 pts.
Correctly calling a resigner (Any other day of week called): 5 pts.
Correctly calling a resigner (Any time other than week called): 1 pt.
Calling the most popular candidate for resignation of the week (based on the number of +1 votes received): 5 pts.


Coming soon.

Nominees For ResignationEdit

Submit Resigner Choices Below

And Remember: Whenever a no-longer-President-pleasing, worn-out-their-welcome, need-to-spend more time with their families member of the Greatest Administration Ever resigns, we all win!!!

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