Who Wants To Be A U.S. Attorney?
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Reports, You Parrot.


The television network that gave you Who Wants to Marry A Heterosexual? and Who Wants to Throw Bibles At San Francisco Gays?, now unveils the newest game show to sweep America's Culturescape:

Who Wants To Be A U.S. Attorney?!


We are looking for young vivacious Americans (or multi-ethnic unAmericans of a coalition of a certain willingness) who will compete in challenges to fill 8 recently available positions in the Justice Department.

Can You Pass Our Test?Edit

1. How Old is The Planet Earth?

a. not all the science is in.
b. whatever scientists say.
c. as old as the Bible says it is.

2. Abortion is okay, because...

a. it's legal.
b. doctors perform it, not strangers in back alleys.
c. it isn't. The Bible says abortion is murder.

3. What does global warming mean?

a. it means that humans-caused pollution is damaging the atmosphere
b. not all the science is in.
c. it means Al Gore needs to get a better hobby.

4. Why does illegal immigration harm the United States?

a. It doesn't; aliens take jobs that most Americans won't perform.
b. Other nations don't let Americans illegally immigrate to their countries.
c. God only endowed Americans with inalienable rights.
"Who Wants To Be A U.S. Attorney?"
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