White Knight
is an essential part of's Tube of
Liberal Denial of The Existence of God

"White Knight" is a derogatory word created by factonistas to denegrate Real Americans.

They will tell you that a "White Knight" is someone who solves problems only after causing or creating them, and only if everyone is watching.

What's Wrong With that?Edit

Well, apparently, "psychiatrists" insist that solving a problem one creates is really not leadership. And waiting to solve it so that an audience can watch is not prudent.

But what do they know.

More Liberal "Playa-Hatin"Edit

Liberals are just jealous. They just want to complain about real successes like:

You didn't hear liberals complain when Bill Clinton waited to rescue the people of New Orleans until after The Greatest President-EVER! was in office.

Or what about liberals blaming Arnold Schwarzenegger for the energy crisis, just because he had one little meeting with someone prior to the crisis?

Liberals are just jealous that Arnold is such a great leader. You can see he is a good leader everytime you turn on the TV.

People Shouldn't Hide Their Good WorksEdit

That's true. And going on TV is nothing a great leader should be ashamed of.

See AlsoEdit

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