Since Nine-Eleven, Americans have become more aware of who is a threat to our way of life. Every possible target must be protected from terrorists. Security must be increased for every imaginable scenario.

This is the wish of every true Patriotic American: that all American landmark is safe from those who would do us harm.

The most important of these landmarks is the president's house, the White House.

In the many years of its existance, the White House has been the victim of a multitude of attacks, from Canadians and crazy people and people who utilize psychological trickery to put more gun control on the books.

In an effort to protect The Greatest President Ever logs are made to track who visits the White House.

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi wanted to damage America by asking to see the records, claiming that she had a "right" to know.

The Greatest Vice President Ever told her to go fuck herself to no avail. has offered to post the entire list because everyone knows, this White House has nothing to hide!

Date Time In Visitor's Name Came By To See Reason Time Out
08/06/2006 10:00am O.B.L. D.C. that thing we talked about re:"I" --
09/10/2001 3:00pm J. Abramoff anyone available regular "tour" --
new date new time next visitor who why exit

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