is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.


A whistleblower who hurt the feelings of her former employer

A whistleblower is a person who has no loyalty to their employer or country, much less the Job Creators.

Stopping WhistleblowersEdit

Whistleblowers help the terrorists, and should all be sent to GITMO before the ACLU finds out about them. If you see one, shoot it in the face with your truthiness cannon. Whistleblowers also hate the free enterprise system, which means they hate America. Whistleblowers do not deserve attention, ignore any reference to whistles or blowing.

Official List of Whistleblowers to IgnoreEdit's researches in coordination with factiness providers the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute have brought to you, through the generous donations of Koch Industries, this Compendium: NOTE: The following people have nothing important to say. Also, they just want to steal your candy and depress you.

People Who Have Blown Whistles Blown Why You Should Ignore Them
Michael McCray, former USDA Administrator claimed $40 million in USDA was misdirected by his boss Who Cares?
Fired U.S. Attorneys pouted about getting fired, pretended these were "politically motivated" Cost loyal high performing Monica Goodling and Kyle Sampson their jobs, wasted time of Alberto Gonzales
Bunnatine Greenhouse holds a personal grudge against Dick Cheney is the cause of at least one of his heart attacks
Coleen Rowley accused The Greatest President Ever's Greatest Attorney General (Ever) of damaging the FBI she was the one who damaged the FBI!
Jeffrey Wigand claimed smoking is bad for you!? Wigand became a high school teacher, but Brown and Williamson became a subsidiary of Reynolds American.
Jack Spadaro says Clean Coal is dirty Environmental disasters are hoaxes staged by the liberal media; besides, it's Kentucky.
Sgt. Joseph Darby said some of our troops liked taking pictures of dogs it's none of our business what our troops do! Plus, who doesn't like dogs!?
Mark Felt blew the whistle on "Deep Throat" no one remembers what happened at Watergate any more!
Thomas Tamm opened his big, fucking mouth to The New York Times you'd keep your mouth shut Tamm, if you know what's good for ya
Wendell Potter has a gay name and hates the free market health care system and is a tattle-tale His agenda will fail because people will choose the free market over health any day!

Heroes who battle whistleblowersEdit

Progress Against Domestic BlowersEdit

The One and Only, single, solitary bright spot for Americans and their corporations against the terrorism that is whistleblowing:

  • In 2011, a non-activist judge ruled that companies can fire whistleblowing hippies in their employ if those American-hating freaks talk to the librul-run media. Take that Katie Couric!

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