"Where Is The President's Watch?"
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During a visit to the gypsy homeland of Albania, it was revealed through a videotaping of the event that The Greatest President Ever's watch suddenly and without warning disappeared right off his arm!

Alberto Gonzales is conducting an investigation into its disappearance. He has asked to post their tips below.


The Greatest Watch EVER!

Bush binoculars

In the DMZ?

  1. Albania?
  2. With the Secret Service?
  3. On his wrist?
  4. That's classified.
  5. Up Christopher Walken's ass?
  6. Under the desk next to the WMDs?
  7. Safely nestled in his codpiece?
  8. In Tony Snow's pocketses, precious?
  9. Locked up in Al Capone's vault?
  10. Chillin' in MC Rove's icebox, yo!

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