"Where In The World Is Karl Rove?"
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You'll never catch him alive, Commies!

Liberals are out for blood this time and Americans won't stand for it!

After holding a trial without allowing him time to get counsel, Karl Rove was declared guilty of all charges by a kangaroo court.

International observers have maintained the illegality of the liberal's obvious personal vendetta against this great American and have spirited him away in the night, leaving the liberal media angry that they have no pictures for their nightly anti-American hate-fest.

So, Heroes, show the liberal media how impotent they are, show them how worthless all their facts and investigations are. Tell the liberal haters where Karl Rove is, far from their liberal, socialist clutches!

Where Karl Rove Is (Safe From Liberals)Edit

  • in Sudan to arrest the genocidal president for the UN
  • drilling for oil in ANWR
  • In an undisclosed location.
  • Was eaten by a bear
  • In a bathroom stall at the airport

He Was Found In Crimea!Edit

Which is really close to South Ossetia. But now the question is: what was he doing over there?

What Karl Rove Was Doing Near South OssetiaEdit

  • Just as William Casey set up the deal which kept American hostages from being released at an "inconvenient" time for Ronald Reagan thus helping secure his election, Karl Rove was meeting with Mikheil Saakashvili in an effort to create another October Surprise. By promising buckets of cash if they created a "situation" The link prior proves they did and of course McCaine says and later the payoff

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