The general feeling felt by most people attending one form of schooling or another in class. Whilst in class ofcourse.

How does it happen?Edit

Well, its quite easy. You just sit there, listening to Professor Egghead lecturing about...wha?!



Subjects most likely resulting in the feelingEdit

  • Math (what is going on? 1=2!)
  • Biology - its a liberal lie
  • Chemistry
  • French
  • Physics
  • PE (Now only available in privatized schools)

What to do when you feel that wayEdit

Walk out of class ( the teacher can't do shit), find the nearest TV and wait for the Colbert Report.

Protect yourself from mind fatigue! Consume Redbulls available from your school's vending machines!

References Edit

  • School
  • My friend who dropped out.

See AlsoEdit

Our Kids: What the Hell Is Wrong with Them?

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