Western Australia
is one of Australia's states.

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The Australian State of WESTERN AUSTRALIA
Western Australia
Capitol: Grenada
Official Flower: Whatever they can pull out of that toxic waste dump of a river
Official Language: Drunken Slurs
Official Animal: Drop Bears
Official Beer: They can have Fosters.
Motto: Who tha fark are you?!? Get back in the mine you dirty Sheep Shagger!!
Nickname: Australia's Rejects
Governor General: Brad Pitt
Official Anthem: Show Me Your Genitals
Population: Depends. Do you count the kids that nobody reports as being born ?
Remaining English Prisoner Population: 919,000, mainly pedos
Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population:

99 million sheep, mainly for the pleasure of the imported miners.

20 million kangaroos & 57 million rabbits

Standard MPH: What the hell is a speed limit?
Principal imports: New Zealanders
Principal exports: Mined stuff
Principal industries: Mining
Fun Fact # 1: Kalgoorlie is a quick 6 week car trip from Perth
Fun Fact # 2: Heath Ledger grew up here

History of Western AustraliaEdit

Once apon a time, a fairy man decided he wanted to put all the creepy pedophiles in one part of australia. There was too many of them so they had to use basically a whole third of the country just for these guys. I heard there was a fence there somewhere.....Idk, some chick walked a fence to get home, don't know why that was made into a movie, I walk home along a fence everyday but I ain't got no movie....

South australia actually made that fence to keep the western aussies out of their state but they told WA it was for dingos.....

Most of them are Asian.

They don't have computers.

Most common name is Bruce.

Western Australia TodayEdit

It's full of a bunch of imported kiwi (new zealanders, aka sheep shaggers) who do our mining because we're too busy drinking VB.

Western Australia Climate & GeographyEdit

Always hot and dry, unless it is raining aid.

Western Australia CitiesEdit

I'm not sure if they even have cities to be honest.

There is a place called Perth....They used to have they don't....Perth is dead to me.

Western Australia LandmarksEdit

Some giant toxic waste land. Oh wait...that's the state.

Western Australia CultureEdit

Rape 'em all kill 'em all

Famous People From Western AustraliaEdit

That chick who walked along it for some reason. The many Bruces who live there.

Heath Ledger.

A Typical Day in Western AustraliaEdit

Waking up and drinking a six pack of VB then heading out to the mines to throw sheep at the imported New Zealander slaves then catching a few mice and ripping their heads off to suck their guts out, as that is considered a delicacy in Western Australia. Then spending the afternoon drinking a few six pacxks with your mates while watching a bit of German hardcore child porn.

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