Wendy Seltzer
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Wendy letting her hair down!

Wendy is a girl who went to school in New York.

She got a degree as a secretary or something, and spends her days online chatting with other housewives swapping recipies and pictures of their children.

Like all girls, Wendy doesn't like football. She thinks its rough and the players are all sweaty.

Wendy made a video that she uploaded onto The YouTube and started a big fight.

The men who run the football league got a really good lawyer to take her to court because she stole their video.

But it seems, they don't want to bully such a pretty little thing and have just sent her letters asking her to stop posting their stuff. Going to far as to drag her to court.

Wendy, being the perfect lady complied without a fight.

She even made cookies which the judge really liked.

Now, Wendy doesn't go online unless her husband lets her.

Good going, Wendy!

She Used To Work ForEdit

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