Hello, Kitty
Hello, Wendi Deng
Asian and very good at math.
Wendi Deng
is the "Nice" Girl Next Door That Your Mother Talked About

She is The Only Real American Women For You!
Republican Goddess of the week

Wendi Deng (aka Mrs. Murdoch, aka Crouching Wendi, Hidden Dragon)[1] is a famous kung-fu ninja and Mr. Murdoch's personal body guard.[2]


Born from a family of ninjas/commies she was brainwashed by the Chinese Government to be a good communist, one day a family of Real Americans found Wendi Deng in the savage mountains of China and decided to adopt her and take her to America. They were actually looking for a panda bear but a rescued Chinese girl makes for a good pet too to impress your friends. It took several years but they were able to break the brainwashing spell that plagued her mind and she was taught the wonders of Capitalism. As a thank you Wendi had sex with the man that rescued her and then marry him so she could stay in America, then divorced that man for another man who promised her she could get a green card. She has learned well how to become a ruthless American. You have done well grasshopper.

After marrying and then divorcing several men (she earned the nickname the ninja blackwidow. Dont worry nobody was murdered... they only died of natural causes.) she met Mr. Murdoch and that's when she decided he was the one.

Kung-pow MasterEdit

By Decree & Power of Ballsiness
Wendi Deng!
Shall Receive Lady Balls!

Kicking Ass in ChinaEdit

After being educated in America, she returns to China from time to time to kick some commie ass. Mr. Murdoch wants to expand his Media Empire in China but the Chinese refuse to listen to reason, so Mrs. Murdoch will have to open a can of whoop-ass when the Chinese misbehave.

Marriage to Some Old GuyEdit


Hottie with some old fossil.

After becoming a proper American Wendi Deng tried to seduce Mr. Murdoch with her Chinese ways. We dont know what happens in the bedroom but some claim that when Mr. Murdoch wakes up every morning he does it with a bright smile.

Tiger Wife/MomEdit

Tiger mom watching over son

Mrs. Murdoch knows 67 ways to kill a man and 1 way to please Mr. Murdoch.

To this day Wendi has killed 300 liberals, all of them tried to pied her husband. She also killed a panda bear with her bare hands when she was a baby.

External TubesEdit

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