The Welfare Queen: Don’t look at her! Her beautiful eyes (and her Golden Nipple♔!) will hypnotize you into converting into liberalism! Also she is a secret mooslim

Welfare Queen (title)

  1. the ruling member of a monarchical society (or hive). An unelected post, the Welfare Queen rules for life (or until the benefits run out, whichever comes first)

Welfare Queen TriviaEdit

  • the welfare drones in her hive provide her with an unlimited supply of stamps and cheese
  • when not sleeping will spend her days "watching her stories"
  • is distinguished from the rest of the hive by her larger-than-normal curlers and a bathrobe that is more lush than her hive-mates
  • when traveling, the drones pimp out the Welfare Queen's ride with flashy accountrement such as hanging dice and spinning rims.
  • the Welfare Queen may or may not have gold teeth
  • Lazy Unemployed and Welfare Queens will use free money to get drugs and hookers

Who Are Welfare QueensEdit


Hall of ShameEdit

9/11 Rescuers are demanding free health care and entitlement programs! This unfortunately makes them Welfare Queens. Being a patriot means to sacrifice one self for your country! Is "What you can do for your country" Not "What your country can do for you"!

Who Are NOT Welfare QueensEdit

Who Are Welfare QueensEdit

Lazy Democrats, boys it is time for some bootstraps.

The End of WelfareEdit

The GOP has promised to end the insidious practice of giving free money to lazy communists.

Armed Welfare Queens

Lazy Americans are arming themselves after they learned that they will not get anymore free money.

External TubeEdit

Colbert T Stephenson

this 90 year old WWII veteran is a drain to society

"Welfare Queen"
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