Al Franken
Weekly Radio Address Parody has earned

Some "Do-Nothing-Liberal" funny pantsers out there in the cybernets have taken it upon their slow and poorly lit witted lives to parody The President's weekly radio address. These treasonists are only emboldening our enemies and weekening our allies by portraying the best radio content ever produced in a "comedic" manner. All us "Real People" know full well that when the Terrorists do attack us again, that it'll be the comedians fault, and not the fault of the republicans who regularly provide jobs and financial security for countries which can only produce oil.

Be sure to let these rubber chicken eaters know how you feel about their chicanery!

The Weekly White House Radio Address Parody

 !Liberal Funny Pantsers Update! Edit

Apparantly, whoever is resposible for this denigration of our "Greatest President"'s weekly radio address has also written a tell all book. When will these Liberals stop throwing books at us, don't they know it just adds more fuel to the fire? The book is an "Autobiographical", whatever that means "Parody". Don't worry, I'm calling my local preacher to for a full translation of these strange "words", I'll update you later. Take heart Nation! Everyone who's seen "Ghostbusters" knows that "Print is Dead".

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