Waste Management
has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Waste Management

Waste Management (WM) is a Texas-based company that specializes in providing an efficient service that no one else in the country has the technology to do: garbage collection.

Before WM burst onto the scene, individual cities tried to collect and dispose of their own waste while at the same time keeping whatever taxes were collected from residents in their budgetary coffers for local use.

But now that WM exists, everyday more and more communities can enjoy the invaluable and rare services WM provides.

And what do all those communities get in return? Nice green-painted trucks with the proud WM logo on the side driving throughout their neighborhoods, while a portion of their taxes goes out of state. Unless you are fortunate enough to already live in Texas, then the money stays at home, like it should.

But, there is one thing local communities have yet to understand: those nicely painted green trucks with the proud WM logo on the side are ready to accommodate any new changes in what the law will be allowed in city dumps. Soon, all state laws will conform to one federal standard, (it is safe to say someone will lobby for such an efficient idea).

Not just anyone should be allowed to handle such an important and expensive contract, however. America is crying out for the one company that will be ready and able to meet any new federal disposal standard (whatever they could be!).

And our nice, green-painted trucks with the proud WM logo on the side will be there!


Products and ServicesEdit


War Crime AccusationsEdit

If a warrantless search of your home by anyone working for a municipality and isn't a policeman is wrong, WM doesn't want to be right!

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